Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2012

Second Annual Transportation Infrastructure Engineering Conference

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Sequential Number ETT362
Identification Number 00043501
Principal Investigator Kamal H. Khayat
Jones Professor of Civil Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology
224 ERL
Rolla, MO 65409
Student Involvement Graduate students are encouraged to attend and interact with senior faculty and other participants of the conference.

Project Objective
The conference will highlight a few of the current projects that have been sponsored by the Center for Transportation Infrastructure and Safety (CTIS), a national University Transportation Center at S&T. In operation since 1998, the CTIS supports transportation-related research, education
and technology transfer activities. It addresses state, local and national needs with the objective of advancing state-of-the-art transportation structures.

Anticipated Benefits

Conference agenda includes international experts delivering state-of-the-art presentations. This gathering allows for networking and forum discussion of research with researchers, practicing engineers, and students.


Project Start Date: 07/15/2013
Project End Date: