Research Activities: 1999

Development of a Prototype Imaging Concrete Roughness Measurement Device




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American Concrete Institute (ACI)

Principal Investigator

Norbert H. Maerz, Assistant Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla, Rock Mechanics
214-A Rock Mechanics Facility
Rolla, Mo 65409
p(573) 341-4365
f(573) 341-4368

Student Involvement

One (1) graduate student

Project Objective

To develop a prototype of a portable field-measuring device. This device to be used in the field to develop database of roughness that can later be used to determine the correlation between de-lamination and concrete roughness.

Project Abstract

A prototype device was developed to measure the roughness of prepared concerted surfaces, and CSP sample plastic cast surfaces. The prototype uses an eleven line structured laser to simultaneously measure eleven profiles per image. The image is captured with a mini camera. Both the camera and the laser are mounted in a frame. Images are digitized using a PCMCIA frame grabber in a laptop PC. Image analysis is done using custom software developed in Visual C++ using Windows 98. Tests are being conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness and statistical reliability of the technique. An M.S. thesis will document the results of these tests.

Task Description

1. Software development.
2. Measurement Protocol.
3. Develop of Imaging Prototype.
4. Technical report.

Anticipated Benefits

When roughness can be characterized and linked to optimal performance, the number of de-lamination failures will be greatly reduced. This will be accomplished by developing protocols and specifications to produce and quantify the degree and type of roughness required, using sandblasting and other techniques.

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Project Start Date:09/01/1999
Project End Date:03/31/2001

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A technology transfer seminar, to share knowledge obtained through research, with fellow faculty and Industry.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Concrete substrate, roughness measurement and image analysis