Research Activities: 2002

Nondestructive Ultrasonic Detection of FRP Delamination




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Missouri University of Science and Technology

Principal Investigator

Norbert H. Maerz
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
1006 Kingshighway
Rolla, MO 65409-0660
p573 341-6714
f573 341-4368

Student Involvement

Qiang Niu, M.S.. Student, 12.5% time, 4.5 months

Project Objective

To prove the concept of detecting FRP de-lamination using commercially available ultrasonic devices.

Project Abstract

We propose to test the effectiveness of commercially available ultrasonic devices in detecting de-lamination. We will send samples to the manufacture of the ultrasonic devices, and procure an appropriate device. We will then set up test samples with various sizes and positions of de-lamination, and evaluate the ability of the ultrasonic device to detect them in blind studies.

Anticipated Benefits

Establishment of a non-destructive testing method for de-lamination of FRP sheets

Modal Orientation

Bridge assessment


Project Start Date:08/15/2002
Project End Date:12/31/2002

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Technology Transfer Activities

Research will be disseminated at national and international conferences

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Non-destructive testing, Fiber Reinforced Polymers, De-lamination