Research Activities: 2003

Evaluation of Anchors for CFRP tendons




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Matching Research Agency

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC)

Principal Investigator

Khaled Soudki
Canada Research Chair
Department of Civil Engineering
200 University Ave West, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 3G1





Student Involvement

Graduate research assistant will perform the verification tests for the anchor system.

Project Objective

The objectives of the study are: (1) Fabricate mechanical wedge-type anchor systems for Aslan 200 CFRP rods; (2) Proof test the load carrying capacity of CFRP rods gripped with the anchor system.


Project Abstract

Carbon FRP (CFRP) reinforcement is a very promising alternative material in prestressed concrete structures. Acceptance of CFRP tendons in post-tensioned concrete applications is inhibited by the lack of a suitable anchor system to maintain the prestressing force in the reinforcement. The experimental data and experience on mechanical behavior of prestressing steel tendons and anchorages are abundant but cannot be used when developing FRP tendon-anchorage systems. A new anchor system was designed and developed at the University of Waterloo. In this project, anchors are fabricated based on the Waterloo design. The performance of the anchor system will be evaluated under short-term static loading to evaluate the anchorage efficiency for the CFRP tendons.


Anticipated Benefits

The project will lead to the fabrication and assessment of the Waterloo anchor system for CFRP prestressed rods. The new anchors will be used for a laboratory and field application project in Rolla utilizing CFRP tendons.


Modal Orientation



Project Start Date:15 June 2003
Project End Date:15 February 2004

Relationship to other Research/Projects

(1) Interfacial contact behavior of CFRP metal couples in Wedge anchor systems (PhD, Waterloo); (2) Externally prestressed beams with CFRP tendons, (PhD student Waterloo); (3) CFRP tendon anchor deviator systems (MASc Waterloo).


Technology Transfer Activities

C3 Group and Vector Construction will be using the technology in Canada.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

FRP tendons, Anchoring Systems