Research Activities: 2004

Manufacturing and Performance Evaluation of Soy Protein Based Plastics and Composites: Phase I



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Matching Research Agency

Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council

Principal Investigator

K. Chandrashekhara, Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, Missouri 65409

p(573) 341- 4587
f(573) 341- 6899


Student Involvement

One graduate student

Project Objectives

The objective of the proposed research is to manufacture composite products using soy protein based polymers.


Project Abstract

Soy protein has been considered as a potential alternative to petroleum polymers in the manufacture of plastic and fiber reinforced composites. Soy based plastics and composites can be used to replace traditional materials like steel, aluminum, concrete and wood. Glass fiber and natural fiber reinforced composites will be manufactured using compression molding process. Mechanical tests will be conducted and the results will be compared with simulation results. The use of soy protein based polymer coupled with process development will offer affordable and durable products.


Anticipated Benefits

Use of soybean-derived materials offer low cost raw materials and environmentally sustainable benefits.


Modal Orientation

Construction Materials



Project Start Date:


Project End Date:6/30/05

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Previous study was based on composites using soybean oil based resin system.

Technology Transfer Activities

Low cost composites from renewable materials can be used in civil infrastructure applications.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Composite Manufacturing, Soy-protein based composites.