Research Activities: 2004

Establishment of the Center for Transportation Security (CTS)



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UMC/UMR Colleges of Engineering

Principal Investigator

Dr. Sam A Kiger
Professor and Chairman
UMC Civil and Environmental Engineering
Columbia , MO 5211

p(573) 882-3285
f(573) 882-4784

Student Involvement



Project Objectives

Establish the Center for Transportation Security


Project Abstract

Funding is requested to support travel and incidental expenses required to establish the Center for Transportation Security (CTS). The CTS will be established under the umbrella of the Missouri Transportation Institute (MTI) as a University of Missouri (UM) System-level Center. The MTI is a consortium of Missouri higher education institutions focused on the research, development, education, public policy and technology transfer functions of the Missouri Department of Transportation (MODOT) to rapidly address any of the state's transportation issues. The CTS will add a security focus to the MTI and will facilitate the formation of faculty research teams from across campuses to conduct research related to the security of transportation systems.


Anticipated Benefits

Increase national security and increase cooperative research between the faculty at UMR and UMC.


Modal Orientation

Travel cost and incidental expenses associated with establishing the CTS


Project Start Date:

June 2005

Project End Date:December 2005

Relationship to other Research/Projects



Technology Transfer Activities

Upon establishment of the CTS seminars will be presented at UMR and UMC for all interested parties. The purpose of the seminars will be to explain the scope and purpose of the CTS, and to invite and encourage participation in CTS research activities.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Security, Terrorist, Explosions, Blast, Bridges, Tunnels, Ports, Pipelines, Infrastructure.