Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2006

In 2006, our University Transportation Center (UTC) became a National University Transportation Center (NUTC). Below are the projects co-sponsored with funds from the National University Transportation Center.

  Outreach Activities in Support of the Missouri S&T National UTC (ETT215)
  6th National Seismic Conference on Bridges and Highways, Charleston, South Carolina, July 27-30, 2008 (ETT212)
  Preparing for a Significant Central U.S. Earthquake: Science Needs of the Emergency Response Community (ETT205)
  Missouri Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) at Missouri S&T Year 1 (ETT199)
  Women In Science & Engineering and Minority Engineering Scholarships Year 2 (ETT196)


The following projects were co-sponsored by the University Transportation Center, before it became National.

ett192 Quality Geotechnical Testing Workshop and Short Course (ETT192)
  GeoMo 2007 - Soil Stabilization - Foundations and Pavements (ETT190)
  5th National Seismic Conference on Bridges & Highways (ETT185)
  Structural Materials Technology (SMT): NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges (ETT181)
  2006-2007 Summer Transportation Institute (ETT179)
  2007 ICONIC Conference (ETT176)