Research Activities: 1999

Effects of Contaminants on Bond Characteristics of Deformed Reinforcing Bars (R36)
 Non-Destructive Imaging of Shallow Sandstone in Support of Hydrologic Study of Litho Logic Unit (R34)
 Non-Invasive Imaging Geophysical Imaging of Landfill Site (R33)
 Assessment/Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards along Designated Emergency Vehicle Priority Access Routes, Southeast Missouri (R32)
 Composite Structures Using Asphalt Based Roofing Scrap Materials (R28)
 Laboratory and Field Testing of FRP Composite Bridge Decks for City of St. James, Phelps County, Mo. (R27)
 Strengthening of an Impacted PC Girder on Bridge A10062, St. Louis County, Mo. (R26)
 Structural Integrity of RC Columns Retrofitted with FRP Wraps (R25)
 Determination and Prioritization of MODOT Geotechnical Related Problems w/Emphasis on Effectiveness of Designs for Bridge Approach Slabs and Pavement Edge Drains: Phase I. (R23)
 Investigation of Agents of Practical Use to Stabilize Slopes and Erosion Along the I-55 Corridor South of Sikeston, Mo. (R22)
 Signal Mast Arm Failure Investigation (R21)
 Development of a Prototype Imaging Concrete Roughness Measurement Device (R20)
 The Influence of Surface Area to Volume Ratio on the Quality Control of High Performance Concrete (R13)