Research Activities: 2012

Assessment of Active Karst Features in Proximity to Paved Roadways (R367)

Admixture Compatibility of Alternative Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Pavement and Structural Concrete (R366)

Structural Health Monitoring and Remote Sensing of Transportation Infrastructure Using Embedded Frequency Selective Surfaces (R365)

Highway Rockfall Measurements Using LIDAR (R364)

Roller Compacted Concrete – Ripley County Rt 160 (R363)

Integrated Embedded Frequency Selective Surface Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring (R360)

Analysis of Carbon Emission Regulations in Supply Chains with Volatile Demand-University of Missouri – St. Louis (R359)

Analysis of Carbon Emission Regulations in Supply Chains with Volatile Demand-Missouri S&T (R358)

Behavior of Double-Skin Bridge Columns (R357)

Feasibility Analysis of System Dynamics for Inland Maritime Logistics (R356)

Functionally Graded Biomimetic Energy Absorption Concept Development for Transportation Systems(R354)

Reliability-based Optimization Design of Geosynthetic Reinforced Road Embankment (R353)

Long-term Behavior of GFRP Reinforced Panels after Eight Years of Field Exposure (R352)

Implementation of RFID Sensors for Monitoring of Bridge Deck Corrosion in Missouri (R351)

Non-invasive Imaging and Assessment of Active Karst Features in Proximity to Paved Roadways (R350)

Strength of Unbonded Post-Tensioned Walls (R349)

Adapting Risk Management and Computational Intelligence Network Optimization Techniques to Improve Traffic Throughput and Tail Risk Analysis (R348)

Numerical Simulation of CFRP-Repaired Reinforced Concrete Columns (R347)

Quantitative Modeling of Failure Propagation in Intelligent Transportation Systems (R346)

Nano-Engineered Polyurethane Resin - Modified Concrete (R345)

Optimization of Rheological Properties of Self-Consolidating Concrete by Means of Numerical Simulations, to Avoid Formwork Filling Problems in Presence of Reinforcement Bars (R344)

Mechanical Characteristics of Low-cost Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer (R343)

Dilation Characteristics of Rubberized Concrete (R342)

Novel Integrated Nondestructive Testing Methodology for Detection and Evaluation of Corrosion in Cement-Based Materials (R341)

Data Acquisition, Detection and Estimation for Structural Health Monitoring (R340)

Using Shear Wave Velocity to Monitor the Curing Process of High Performance Flowable Concrete (R339)

Site Assessment using Echo Sounding, Side Sscan Sonar and Sub-bottom Profiling (R338)

Life Cycle Maintenance Cost Analysis of RC Columns Rehabilitation Techniques under Various Durability Exposures (R337)

Extending the Usage of High Volume Fly Ash in Concrete (R336)

Automated Measurement of Concrete Slump Using the Verifi Sytem (R335)

Bridge Hydro-mining Thickness Measurements (R334)

Influence of Mixing Procedure on Robustness of Self-Consolidating Concrete (R333)

Recycled Concrete Aggregate Field Implementation – MRB Project (R332)

LIDAR Scanner for Highway Rock Fall and Slope Movement Monitoring (R331)

Unbonded Portland Cement Concrete/Pavement Monitoring with Integrated Grating (Local) and Scattering (Global) Optical Fiber Sensors (R330)

Non-invasive Imaging and Assessment of Pavements (R329)

Self-Consolidating Concrete for Connecting Precast Concrete Deck Panels and I-Girders (R328)

Development and Testing of Synthetic Riprap Constructed from Coal Combustion Products (CCPs) (R327)

Cyclic Behavior of self-consolidated Concrete (R326)

Adding Faculty in the Areas of Transportation – Engineering Management (R323)

Sustainable Crack-Free, Environmental-Friendly Concrete “Crack Free Eco-Crete” (R322)

Ultra High Strength Concrete Wearing Surface for Asphalt and Concrete Road as well as Bridge Deck (R321)

Fast Construction and Repair of Bridge Elements Using Low Carbon Foot Print SCC and UHPC Prefabricated Panels Reinforced with FRP (R320)

The NASP Bond Test as a Predictor of Strand Bond, Transfer Length, and Development Length (R319)

Adding Faculty in the Areas of Transportation – Civil Engineering (R318)

Lightweight Concrete Modification Factor for Shear Friction (R317)

NCHRP 24-38 Payload Project – Development of Bridge Girder Movement Criteria for Accelerated Bridge Construction (R316)

High-Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete (HS-SCC) and High-Volume Fly Ash Concrete (HVFAC) for Infrastructure Elements: Implementation (R315)

Experimental Investigation of the FRCM/Concrete Interfacial Debonding (R313)

Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) for Infrastructure Elements (R312)

Nondestructive Evaluation of MoDOT Bridge Decks – Pilot Study (R311)