Research Activities: 2003


 Validation and Calibration of Testing Equipment for In-Situ Load Tests (R130)
 Low Energy Alkali Resistant Iron Phosphate Glass Fibers (R129)
 Phase II of Evaluation and Utilization of the WP4 DewpointPotentia Meter (R126)
 In Situ Load Testing of Bridge A6358 and Bridge A6101 and Bridge A6102 (R124)
 Evaluation of Anchors for CFRP tendons (R123)
 Design, Fabrication, and Testing of Low-Profile Composite Bypass Road Panel: Phase I (R122)
 SASW Study of Greater St. Louis and Surrounding Regions (R120)
 Preservation of Missouri Transportation Infrastructure -- Flexural upgrade of Deficient Bridges with Composites (R119)
 GPR Investigation of Bridge Deck, Willow Springs, Missouri (R118)
 Determination of MASW Shear-Wave Velocities at Various Sites in SE Missouri (R117)
 Comprehensive Shear-Wave Velocity Study in the Poplar Bluff Area, Southeast Missouri (R114)
 GPR and Resistivity to Determine Depth to Bedrock at the Roaring River Trout Hatchery (R113)
 Strut Failure Investigation of Paseo Suspension Bridge in Kansas City, Missouri (R112)
 Finite Element Modeling of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Bridge Decks with ABAQUS (R111)
 Experimental Study on Seismic Retrofit Techniques for Cap Beams, Columns and Their Connections of Highway Bridges -- Phase II (R108)
 GPR Study of Imbedded Dowel Bars, Van Buren, MissouriI (R104)
 Southview Bridge Rehabilitation in Rolla, Missouri (R103)
 Soy-based Composite Sandwich Structures -- Phase II (R101)
 Determination of SASW Shear-Wave Velocity Along a Segment of Interstate 70 in St. Louis, Missouri (R100)