Research Activities: 2004


 Cyclic Load Testing and Acoustic Emission Methods of In-Situ Load Testing: Comparison and Development of Evaluation Criteria (R167)
 Assessment of the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge Based on Seismic Instrumentation Data (R164)
 Structural Assessment of the I-70 Blanchette Bridge (R163)
 Geotechnical Site Characterization of Transportation Construction Sites and Structures (R161)
 Seismic Simulation and Design of Bridge Columns under Combined Actions, and Implications on System Response (R159)
 Dependable wireless sensor networks for intelligent infrastructures (R158)
 Analyzing Microscopic Behavior of Traffic Flow (R157)
 Influence of Ore Physical Properties on the Transportable Moisture Limit for Barged Materials (R156)
 Field Testing of Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction under Explosive Load (R155)
 Stay-in-place (SIP) formwork for rapid construction of corrosion-free concrete bridge decks (R154)
 Establishment of the Center for Transportation Security (CTS) (R149)
 Manufacturing and Performance Evaluation of Soy Protein Based Plastics and Composites-Phase II (R148)
 Geophysical Detection of Voids within the Levee, Duck Creek Conservation Area, Missouri (R146)
 The Effect of Fatigue and Creep on Shear-Critical RC Beams Reinforced with CFRP Laminate Stirrups (R144)
 Development and Field Testing of an FRP Composite Bridge Decks Comprising of Guard Rail System for Bridge 1480230, Greene County, Mo (R143)
 Experimental Evaluation of FRP Strengthening of Real Size Reinforced Concrete Columns (R142)
 Remote Health Monitoring of Hillsborough County Bridges (R141)
 Strengthening of Rural Bridges Using Rapid-Installation FRP Technology (R135)
 Manufacturing and Performance Evaluation of Soy Protein Based Plastics and Composites (R134)
 Assessment of Bridge Technologies through Field Testing (R133)