Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 1999

CE 401 - Health Monitoring & Retrofit of Geotechnical Systems




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Civil Engineering

Principal Investigator

Ronaldo Luna, Associate Professor
University of Missouri -- Rolla
306 Civil Engineering
Rolla, MO 65409
Richard W. Stephenson, Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
119 Civil Engineering, 1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341-4484573-341-6549
f(573) 341-4729573-3341-4729

Student Involvement

CE 401 Fall 2000 registered students

Project Objective

To meet the need to train graduate students involved in research.

Project Abstract

In order to meet some of the needs to train graduate students involved in research and to advance the offerings in the Department of Civil Engineering, a new course is being developed. Nearly all highway transportation systems are supported on man-made earth structures or on natural earth materials. Therefore, it is important for civil engineering students to know how to monitor the performance, identify the causes of problems, and retrofit geotechnical systems. This topic is seldom offered as an undergraduate course due to its specialized focus and its closest related topics are geotechnical instrumentation - monitoring or geotechnical failures. The course name is "Health Monitoring and Retrofit of Geotechnical Systems." This course has been approved as an experimental course for the FS2000 by the UMR/Civil Engineering graduate affairs committee and will be offered jointly with Dr. Stephenson. :

Task Description

  1. Introduction/Motivation
  2. Brief review of soil mechanics.
  3. Brief review of foundation engineering
  4. Field monitoring methods
  5. Retrofit of geotechnical systems



Anticipated Benefits

Additional offerings graduate course in Civil Engineering that merge the geotechnical and structural programs.

Modal Orientation



Project Start Date:06/01/2000
Project End Date:12/31/2000

Relationship to other Research/Projects

The geotechnical faculty is involved in several projects that make use of field instrumentation for the measurement of substructure performance. The students trained in the health monitoring of geotechnical systems will be ready to apply the knowledge to research projects.

Technology Transfer Activities


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Field instrumentation design and acquisition