Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2003

Girls Lock-In Conference; Summer Solutions 2004




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University of Missouri-Rolla

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Floyd Harris
Minority Engineering Program
University of Missouri-Rolla
212 ERL
Rolla, MO 65409

p(573) 341-4212
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Student Involvement

(See project objective and abstract below.)

Project Objective and Abstract

  1. The Girls "Lock-In" conference is an opportunity for girls to camp out in a Residence Hall, learn more about studying math, science, and engineering at UMR, meet other prospective and current students, learn tips for financial aid and admission, and participate in friendly team projects. This conference is designed by students who are members of the UMR Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and the Women in Engineering and Science Program. Two lock-in dates are planned for this academic year, November 2003, and March 2004. This event is designed for up to forty junior and senior high school girls who have inquired or been accepted at UMR. A limited number of transfer students will be invited to participate.

  2. Summer Solutions 2004 is a live-in weekend camp designed to give female students the experience of college life while learning more about career options in engineering, math, and science. Students will meet college students and professors, participate in team projects, and gain a better understanding of "what engineers and scientists really do and how". This event is designed for up to 50 high school freshman and sophomore girls.

Anticipated Benefits

The Girls Lock-In and Summer Solutions will help grow an increased enrollment of women in engineering and science, and ultimately a more balanced technical workforce. It is UMR's goal to increase the number of women students from 25% to 35% by 2006. These programs are the beginning of the pipeline that will assist the campus in yielding these numbers.

Modal Orientation

Student recruitment


Project Start Date:11/01/2003
Project End Date:07/31/2004

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Technology Transfer Activities

High school students will participate in activities designed to expose them to the experiences available in the technically-focused atmosphere of UMR.

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Education, minority program.