Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2003

Minority Engineering Program (MEP)/League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Kansas City High School Hispanic Recruitment and Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) National Technical Career Conference




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Minority Engineering Program (MEP) Office/Corporate Grants

Principal Investigator

Floyd Harris
Minority Engineering Program
University of Missouri-Rolla
212 ERL
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341-4212
f(573) 341-4890

Student Involvement

(See project abstract below.)

Project Objective

To promote diversity and increase the number of minority graduates entering our nation's engineering and science workforce. To support the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that all students are mathematically and scientifically literate so they can play a leadership role in an increasingly technical world.

Project Abstract

  1. The Kansas City High School Hispanic Recruitment Program is a collective effort of MEP*, LULAC* & SHPE*, to support and increment the recruitment of Hispanic High School Senior/Junior/Sophomore students with a desire to pursue a B.S. degree in engineering, mathematics, or science at UMR. The K.C. Recruitment Program consists of two main stages:

    STAGE 1: UMR Recruitment visits to Kansas City. The first visit will take place in mid-October 2003 (for seniors), and the second one in mid-March 2004 (for sophomores/juniors). During these visits, ten SHPE recruiters will be visiting 9 high schools (selected by LULAC), and informing students about UMR programs, scholarships, MEP summer Program, MITE Program, B.S. majors, and application process. SHPE recruiters will also recollect student's information in order to select the top 30 qualified students to assist to the UMR open house on November 15, 2003. STAGE 1 Cost (two K.C. visits) is $2,000. This cost includes transportation expenses from Rolla, lodging, presentation supplies, and meals for recruiters. UMR information packages will be provided by the UMR Admissions Office.

    STAGE 2: Kansas City top 30-40 high school students will visit UMR for Open House from November 14 to November 16, 2003. This visit is designed to introduce prospective students to the UMR environment and opportunities. Students will participate in activities with SHPE and MEP. They will visit various UMR departments, and explore their education options. Students will submit their admission applications at the end of the program. STAGE 2 Cost is $6,000. This cost includes round trip transportation expenses from Kansas City, lodging, and meals. Activities will be organized and paid by SHPE and MEP.

  2. National Technical Career Conference for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers -- January 6-10, 2004 -- Approximate Cost $4,000 -- Chicago, IL.
    SHPE members will participate in the convention, which includes workshops, and a career fair. With over 7,000 Hispanic students attending the event each year it is an excellent opportunity to recruit minority students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and represent UMR at a National level. The goal is designed to increase the awareness, participation, and excitement surrounding Hispanic students' participation in this kind of events. Support for this conference will also add motivation for the UMR Hispanic students to participate in the recruitment programs.

    *MEP: UMR Minority and Engineering Program
    *SHPE: Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
    *LULAC: League of United Latin American Citizens (K.C.)


Anticipated Benefits

An increase in the following:

  • The number and diversity of minority students in America's science/engineering workforce;
  • The mathematical and scientific literacy of students entering the workforce; and
  • The overall ability of minority students to take leadership roles in the technical world.

It is UMR's goal to increase the number of minority students it enrolls. These programs are the beginning of the pipeline that will assist the campus in yielding this increase.


Modal Orientation

Student recruitment


Project Start Date:Mid-October 2003
Project End Date:Mid-March 2004

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Technology Transfer Activities

High school students will participate in activities designed to expose them to the experiences available in the technically-focused atmosphere of UMR; undergraduate and graduate students will participate in a recruitment/career fair event.

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Education, minority program.