Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2003

Geotechnical and Bridge Design Workshop: New Madrid Seismic Zone Experience




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Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Dr. Genda Chen, Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
328 Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Building
Rolla, Missouri, 65401

p(573) 341- 4462
f(573) 341- 4729


Student Involvement


Project Objective

To conduct a workshop to transfer the research results from the UMR earthquake hazards mitigation project into the hands of practitioners in the Mid-American states.


Project Abstract

A technology transfer workshop will be held in Cape Girardeau on October 28-29, 2004 to disseminate the research results from the UMR earthquake hazards mitigation research program. The workshop will cover the bridge design related topics in geophysics, seismology, geotechnical to structural engineering. Attempt will be made to work step-by-step through a complete design cycle for bridge systems, highlighting the contributions from the UMR efforts in each step .


Anticipated Benefits

Research results/findings will be implemented in actual design of bridge systems.


Modal Orientation

Bridge Design and Assessment


Project Start Date:August 31, 2004
Project End Date:February 28, 2005

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Last phase of the UMR Earthquake Hazards Mitigation Program with FHWA.


Technology Transfer Activities



Transportation Research Board Keywords

Bridge Structure, Earthquake Mitigation.