Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2004

Quality Geotechnical Testing Workshop and Short Course




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Matching Research Agency

Universityof Missouri- Rolla


Principal Investigator

Richard W. Stephenson
University of Missouri-Rolla
1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, Missouri, 65409

p(573) 341- 6549
f(573) 341- 4729


Student Involvement

Students will be conducting demonstrations of the laboratory testing equipment and techniques


Project Objective

After attending this course, the participant will:

  1. Know the proper soil specimen handling and preparation procedures for testing;
  2. Know the critical techniques required to conduct and present results of consolidation, permeability and shear strength tests;
  3. Know techniques to eliminate or reduce critical testing errors.

Project Abstract

This is a 3-day workshop/short course to teach practicing professionals techniques and procedures for conducting high quality geotechnical laboratory tests. Transportation facility design and construction begins with an investigation of the type, extent and quality of the foundation materials. The determination of the appropriate and accurate parameters is paramount in executing safe and economical design .


Anticipated Benefits

The workshop will improve the quality of geotechnical testing in the profession.


Modal Orientation

Geotechnical design and evaluation


Project Start Date:May 16, 2005
Project End Date:June 18, 2005

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Education and technology transfer


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Transportation Research Board Keywords

Engineering, Geotechnical