Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2004

Geophysics 2006: Conference on Applied Geophysics




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Sequential Number


Matching Research Agency

Florida Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson
University of Missouri-Rolla
125 McNutt Hall, Department of Geology and Geophysics
Rolla, MO 65401

p(573) 341- 4852
f(573) 341- 6935


Student Involvement

Students will coauthor and present research papers focused on non-destructive investigative technologies.


Project Objective

The principle objective of the conference is to demonstrate that geophysical technologies decrease costs and improve safety.


Project Abstract

Graduate and undergraduate students will assist in the planning of the conference. They will also be responsible for the coordinating the electronic flow of conference papers (between authors/reviewers/editors), and will assist with the compilation of the conference proceedings. They will also coauthor and present papers. PI Anderson is the Publication Chair and serves on all main conference committees.


Anticipated Benefits

The main benefit is related to "technology transfer". The case studies and overview papers presented at Geophysics will encourage DOT engineers to use geophysical imaging technologies where appropriate.


Modal Orientation

Non-destructive/and non-invasive imaging.


Project Start Date:December 1, 2004
Project End Date:December 30, 2006

Relationship to other Research/Projects

UMR faculties are engaged in a number of externally-funded projects that involve the non-destructive imaging of engineered structures and non-invasive site characterization.


Technology Transfer Activities

Expertise with respect to acquisition, processing, interpretation and application of geophysical technologies will be shared via publications and presentations.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

non-destructive imaging, non-invasive imaging, technology transfer, education.