Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2005

Workshop on Seismic Retrofit Design of Continuous Steel-Girder Highway Bridges




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Missouri Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Genda Chen
Associate Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
328 Butler-Carlton Hall, 1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65401-0030

p(573) 341- 4462
f(573) 341- 4729


Student Involvement



Project Objective

In-house workshop at Jefferson City


Project Abstract

Metallic dampers were recently proposed for the seismic retrofit of deficient highway bridges by the Principal Investigator (PI) of this proposal. A research project (Study No. RI 01-028) on this subject was recently completed, including a summary of the findings and results from this investigation. The objectives of this study were to develop an economical seismic retrofit solution for continuous steel girder bridges in low recurrence but high consequence regions such as the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Through materials and fatigue tests in small- and full-scale specimens, it was concluded that metallic dampers are potential devices that can be applied to the bridges for their improved seismic performance. A design procedure has also been developed based on this investigation. To facilitate the transferring of this research product, a one-afternoon in-house workshop at the Missouri Department of Transportation is proposed. The objectives of this workshop are to provide engineers with some background information on response modification technologies, seismic retrofit concept with metallic dampers, installation issues, and step-by-step design procedure.


Anticipated Benefits

Engineers will have an opportunity to prepare themselves for future seismic retrofit design of highway bridges with the damping technology.


Modal Orientation

Tech transfer



Project Start Date:

March 1, 2006

Project End Date:

August 31, 2006


Relationship to other Research/Projects

Tech transfer for the MODOT Study No. RI02-028


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