Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2005

Missouri Local Transportation resource Center (Missouri's LTAP)




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Sequential Number


Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Mohammad Qureshi
Assistant Professor,
Civil Engineering Department
134 Butler-Carlton Hall
Rolla, MO 65409-0030

p(573) 341- 4693
f(573) 341- 4729



Student Involvement

Hourly student support and graduate student support.


Project Objective

To manage the LTAP program for MoDOT.


Project Abstract

This project will provide a resource center available for use by local officials throughout the state of Missouri.


Anticipated Benefits

Provide needed services to Missouri.


Modal Orientation

Local Roads



Project Start Date:

March 1, 2006

Project End Date:

December 31, 2006


Relationship to other Research/Projects



Technology Transfer Activities

Training of local and state DOT employees.


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