Education & Technology Transfer Activites: 2007


Outreach for the Missouri University of Science & Technology National University Transportation Center



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Office of Sponsored Programs, Missouri S&T

Principal Investigator

Angela Rolufs, Director
Missouri Transportation Institute

710 University Drive, Suite 100
Rolla, MO 65409

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Project Objective

This proposal presents a comprehensive approach for providing outreach for the Missouri S&T National University Transportation Center. The goal of this comprehensive outreach program is to provide opportunities for students and faculty members to engage with leaders in the transportation industry from: private consulting and construction firms; the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT); other state departments of transportation; Federal Highway Administration (FHWA); local government agencies; and other university-based transportation centers while also creating technology transfer opportunities in support of the projects undertaken through the Missouri S&T NUTC.


Project Abstract

Outreach efforts will fall within the following areas:

1.  Partnerships with Industry, MoDOT, US DOT, other state DOTs, and local government agencies

MTI will actively solicit partnership opportunities with consulting and construction firms engaged in transportation activities; as well as with MoDOT, US DOT, other state DOT’s, and local government agencies.  The goal of these partnership opportunities will be:

  • Master research agreements which provide opportunities for matching funds
  • New research opportunities
  • Internship and co-op opportunities for students interested in the transportation field
  • Technology transfer opportunities

2.  Monthly Seminars/Lecture Series

In order to increase both Technology Transfer and partnership opportunities, MTI will coordinate monthly seminars with industry, MoDOT, USDOT, FHWA, and others engaged in the transportation field.

Coordination and execution of monthly seminars will include:  selection of topics, speaker coordination, venue selection, advertising, coordination of luncheons and other side meetings with guest speakers, registration, and evaluation. 

3. Annual Transportation Conference

In order to provide partnership opportunities, technology transfer forums, and to further the strategic goals of the UTC, MTI will coordinate an annual transportation research conference focused on the areas identified in the Missouri S&T UTC Strategic Plan.

MTI will provide conference coordination and execution to include: Theme development, identification and collection of conference fees, selection and reservation of an appropriate conference venue, selection and invitation to appropriate speakers, coordination of registration activities, and development of evaluation techniques to determine success toward meeting conference goals.  MTI will partner with MoDOT’s Organizational Results Division and the Missouri LTAP to deliver the annual transportation conference. 


Task Description


Anticipated Benefits

Provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage with transportation professionals at monthly seminars and through an annual transportation research conference.

Modal Orientation



Project Start Date:01/01/2008
Project End Date:6/30/2009

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Provides opportunities for researchers engaged in other research projects to present their findings at public forums.

Technology Transfer Activities

Conferences, monthly lecture series, training opportunities

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Technology transfer