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American Concrete Institute 2008 Fall Conference: Sponsorship and Student Training



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Industrial sponsorship


Principal Investigator

Dr. John J. Myers, P.E., Associate Professor
325 Butler-Carlton Hall
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

This education and outreach activity will provide funding for graduate students to attend the ACI 2008 Fall Conference in St. Louis, Mo.

Project Objective

The objective is two fold: a) to provide concrete related education and training for Missouri S&T graduate students working in the concrete field and, 2) to expose our NUTC to the nation in the area of structural concrete and concrete materials.


Project Abstract

The national American Concrete Institute Fall Conference will be held in St. Louis, Missouri on November 2nd– 6th, 2008. This educational and outreach activity will provide sponsorship to the conference and provide an opportunity for Missouri S&T graduate students the ability to attend the conference. The ACI Convention will provide the graduate students the opportunity to learn and give input on concrete industry codes, specifications, and guides undertaken in some of the 300+ committee meetings.  It also provides a forum for networking, learning the latest in concrete technology and practices.  Additionally, there will be over 35 technical and educational sessions open for the students to attend and gain valuable technical and educational information. The past conference of this series attracted over 1200 participants. This conference will also be a viable venue to continue exposing our NUTC to the nation in the area of structural concrete and concrete materials.


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Anticipated Benefits

Education and training for graduate students and greater visibility for our National University Transportation Center - Center for Transportation Infrastructure and Safety (CTIS).

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Project Start Date:07/01/2008
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Sponsor to ACI 2008 Fall Conference

Technology Transfer Activities

A brief report will be submitted to the CTIS-NUTC summarizing the activities undertaken by the graduate students and exposure of the CTIS-NUTC.

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Concrete, Advanced Materials, Bridges, Education and Outreach.