Education & Technology Transfer Activities: 2008


Women In Science & Engineering and Minority Engineering Scholarships Year 4



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Cecilia Elmore, Women's Leadership Institute
212 Engineering Research Lab.

Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO 65401

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Project Objective

Support will make scholarships available to minority and women students interested in engineering and science and will increase significantly the number of minority and female students that Missouri S&T can recruit to its science and engineering programs. Recipients of scholarships will also be exposed to career opportunities in transportation.

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) scholarships are awarded to support female Missouri S&T students studying science and engineering.  Missouri S&T’s WISE program provides a campus focal point for increasing the number of women in science, engineering, math, and technology fields through outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts from middle school age through undergraduate levels.  WISE provides support programs such as mentoring, advising, professional/technical workshops, and social activities, with the goal of providing a rich academic and social experience for young women at Missouri S&T. 

Minority Engineering and Science Program (MEP) scholarships provide critical financial support for under-represented students majoring in engineering and science programs at Missouri S&T.  MEP scholarship students receive professional and academic support through the close-knit MEP network of friends, mentors, and Missouri S&T staff.  MEP has a rich 30 year tradition of sponsoring events, activities and organizations that ensure its students are prepared for personal and professional success.


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A focus on career development in the areas of technology transfer and transportation engineering, math, science and engineering will be implemented throughout the activities sponsored by the Women In Science & Engineering Program and the Minority Engineering Program to promote diversity and increase the number of female and minority graduates entering our nations engineering and science workforce. To support the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that all students are mathematically and scientifically literate so they can play a leadership role in an increasingly technical world. To ultimately insure a more balanced technical workforce. It is Missouri S&T’s goal to increase the number of female and minority students. These scholarships are the beginning of the pipeline that will assist the campus in yielding those numbers.

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Project Start Date:01/01/2009
Project End Date:03/01/2010

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