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Minority Engineering Scholarships Renewal 2011



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William Perkins
Pre-College and Student Diversity Programs
Missouri University of Science & Technology
212 Engineering Research Lab
Rolla, MO 65409
p 573-341-4213
f 573-341-4890

Student Involvement

 Significant number of minority students at Missouri S&T


Project Objective

Scholarships for Minority Students Studying Engineering and Science : Support will make scholarships available to minority students interested in engineering and science and will increase significantly the number of minority students that Missouri S&T can recruit to its science and engineering programs. Recipients of scholarships will also be exposed to career opportunities in transportation.

Minority Engineering and Science Program ( MEP) scholarships provide critical financial support for under-represented students majoring in engineering and science programs at Missouri S&T.  MEP scholarship students receive professional and academic support through the close-knit MEP network of friends, mentors, and Missouri S&T staff.  MEP has a rich 30 year tradition of sponsoring events, activities and organizations that ensure its students are prepared for personal and professional success.


Anticipated Benefits

A focus on career development in the areas of technology transfer and transportation engineering, math, science and engineering will be implemented throughout the activities sponsored by the Pre-College and Student Diversity Programs to promote diversity and increase the number of minority graduates entering our nations engineering and science workforce. To support the national science and mathematics educational agenda by ensuring that all students are mathematically and scientifically literate so they can play a leadership role in an increasingly technical world. To ultimately insure a more balanced technical workforce. It is Missouri S&T’s goal to increase the number of minority students. These scholarships are the beginning of the pipeline that will assist the campus in yielding those numbers.

Requirements for Scholarships:

  • 2.5 GPA
  • Underrepresented Minority
  • Engineering degree field
  • Attendance in the HGR summer transition program

Recruitment and Pipeline Programs:

  • National Association of Black Engineers national and regional conferences

Pre-College Initiative (PCI) is an on-campus visit program for African- American high school students that may be considering a future career in math, science or engineering.

  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers national and regional conferences

SI Se Puede: This program will help you explore your career options and will give you an inside look to what the college experience is really like.

MINORITY INTRODUCTION TO TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING (MITE) summer camps are one-week institutes geared toward minority high school juniors and seniors who have an interest in engineering and science, and who have demonstrated the necessary ability to pursue a college education. *Minority students for this program include African American, Native American and Hispanic American.

Annual reporting and yearly updates will include:

  • List of scholarship recipients
  • The number of student that attend the recruitment and pipeline events
  • Updated student resumes
  • A student essay on how their degree will effect  transportation


Project Start Date: 03/01/2011
Project End Date:



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