Research Activities: 1999

Investigation of Agents of Practical Use to Stabilize Slopes and Erosion Along the I-55 Corridor South of Sikeston, Mo.: Phase I




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Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

Principal Investigator

Thomas M. Petry, Professor
Civil Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla
223 Butler-Carlton Hall
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341-4461
f(573) 341-4729

Student Involvement

One (1) graduate student

Project Objective

Utilize field constructed and instrumented slopes to investigate the performance of stabilized and natural slope sections using the agent and agent combinations and treatment percentages in the salty and clayey soils near Haiti, Missouri along the I-55 corridor.

Project Abstract

A laboratory investigation of the efficacy of agents which may be applied to slopes of alluvial silt soils and Sharkey clay soils along the I-55 corridor south of Sikeston, Missouri, to provide economical stability which will prevent slope failures and surface erosion in existing slopes and those of future construction in the area. Soils studied will include two taken from failed slope areas near Haiti, Missouri. Agents to be considered include Quick Lime, Lime Kiln Dust, Portland Cement and Fly Ash.

Task Description

  1. Gather data
  2. Laboratory testing and monitoring
  3. Final report

Anticipated Benefits

Results will let us know if further studies in-field trials are needed.

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Project Start Date:01/01/2000
Project End Date:12/31/2001

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Technology Transfer Activities

A final report will be sent to MoDOT.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Soils, geology, materials, and construction