Research Activities: 1999

Non-Destructive Imaging of Shallow Sandstone in Support of Hydrologic Study of Litho Logic Unit




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Exxon Corporation

Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson, Professor
Geology and Geophysics
University of Missouri-Rolla
125 McNutt Hall
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341-4852
f(573) 341-6935

Student Involvement

Three (3) graduate students and three (3) undergraduate students

Project Objective

The objective was to select/design field acquisition and post-acquisition processing parameters such that internal structures and facies contacts were imaged and interpretable on ground-penetrating radar acquired across shallow sandstone units of varying thickness and internal complexity. (The intent was to develop and test acquisition/processing strategies.)

Project Abstract

Shallow fluvial sandstone bodies are characterized by complex internal structures and facies patterns. Often, the image of sandstone units on GPR profiles in not unlike the signature of deltaic complexes on conventional 2-D seismic data. One of the problems encountered in the procurement of quality GPR data is related to the paradox of depth-penetration and resolution. Depth-penetration is increased through the use of lower frequency antenna. However, resolution is decreased by the use of lower frequency antenna. The geophysicist strives for balance. Ideally, the processed GPR data provide the greatest possible resolution given the target depth.

Task Description

Data acquisition, processing data, reporting results.

Anticipated Benefits

Data quality is enhanced through the judicious selection of those acquisition/processing parameters that provide an "optimal" balance between resolution and depth penetration. Costs and time are also minimized by the judicious selection of other parameters that reduce the volume of digital data acquired (without sacrificing quality) and expedite processing (without sacrificing quality).

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Project Start Date:06/12/2000
Project End Date:10/31/2000

Relationship to other Research/Projects

This study is one of a number of experimental GPR acquisition/processing projects being conducted by UMR researchers.

Technology Transfer Activities

This study is one of a number of experimental GPR acquisition/processing projects being conducted by UMR researchers.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Design field acquisition, post-acquisition and parameters