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Micro-Macro Modeling of the External Strengthening of Concrete with Fiber Reinforced Polymer: Phase I




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Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics (MAEEM)

Principal Investigator

Samit Roy, Associate Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
University of Missouri-Rolla
225 ME Bldg.
Rolla, Missouri 65409
p(573) 341-4313
f(573) 341-4607

Student Involvement

(1) graduate student

Project Objective

Two main objectives available to the US Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Transportation are to (a) replace, or (b) retrofit existing structures. Retrofitting, where feasible, is the option of choice because of its cost benefits.

Project Abstract

A large number of bridges in the federal inventory are reaching the end of their design life due to aging and environmental degradation. The situation is aggravated by increased traffic needs that require existing structures to carry heavier loads at increasingly higher speeds.

Task Description

It is envisioned that the proposed research will lead to field-useable design guidelines that would prevent, or at least delay, the onset of brittle failure so that the full strengthening potential of FRP plates may be realized.

Anticipated Benefits

The transition from short-term nano-scale material behavior in interphase regions, through meso-scale and macro- behavior into long term structural system response. To establish proof of concept, the study will focus -- experimentally as well as through analytical modeling and under ramp and cyclic loads -- on delamination in the presence of an aggressive environment.

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Project Start Date:10/01/2000
Project End Date:09/30/2001

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Technology Transfer Activities

Reports submitted to Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Retrofitting, flexural members and load capacity