Research Activities: 2000

Implementation Issues of Metallic Dampers for Seismic Retrofit of Highway Bridges




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Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

Principal Investigator

Genda Chen, Assistant Professor
Civil Engineering
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, MO 65409
p(573) 341-4462
f(573) 341-4729

Student Involvement

One (1) M.S. student

Project Objective

This project will address issues elated to the implementation of metallic dampers in steel-girder bridges with rocker bearings for improved seismic performance.

Project Abstract

This project will also effect of cross frames used to connect dampers from capbeam to steel girders, on the damping property of dampers and validates the previously-proposed design procedure for bridge systems including metallic dampers.

Task Description

Establish design equations for load-carrying capacity of rocker bearings and for damping property of metallic dampers consisting of tapered rods.

Anticipated Benefits

Metallic dampers provide an economic solution to upgrade deficient bridges into compliance with the current design guidelines.

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Project Start Date:07/01/2000
Project End Date:12/31/2004

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Transportation Research Board Keywords

Rocker bearings and cross frames