Research Activities: 2001

Assessment and Rehabilitation of West 7th Street Bridge, City of Fulton




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City of Fulton

Principal Investigator

Antonio Nanni
Vernon and Maralee Jones Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
223 ERL
Rolla, MO 65401
p(573) 341-4497
f(573) 341-6215

Student Involvement

One (1) M.S. student

Project Objective

The objective of the rehabilitation program of the West 7th Street Bridge in Fulton, MO is to remove the 15 Ton load posting that has been imposed on it. The structural analysis has demonstrated that to achieve this objective the shear and flexural capacities of the superstructure system (i.e. arch ribs, columns and transversal beams) need to be upgraded. In addition, large cracking is observed in the abutments due to earth pressure, which necessitates the undertaking of remedial measures.

Project Abstract

The West 7th Street Bridge was built in the 1910's. The bridge structure has a span of 64.2 ft and a rise of 10.4 ft. With regard to the boundary conditions, the bridge can be classified as a two-hinge less RC arch rib, whereas in accordance with the method of supporting the structure, it can be classified as an open spandrel arch, where the loads from the deck are transmitted to the arch by means of transversal beams and columns. The original deck was replaced in the 1970's. The new concrete was cast on trapezoidal-type corrugated steel sheets running in the direction of traffic. The abutments transmit the reaction from the superstructure to the foundation and retain the earth embankment of the approach roadway. Their type corresponds to typical gravity abutments with wing walls.

This project consists of: a) the field and laboratory investigations necessary to validate the assumptions to be made for design of the strengthening, b) analysis of the existing substructure and superstructure; and c) design of the upgrade.

Anticipated Benefits

To implement strengthening technology for bridge structures

Modal Orientation

Bridge Strengthening


Project Start Date:04/01/2002
Project End Date:09/30/2002

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Continues the effort of the center in the implementation of advanced composites for infrastructure upgrade

Technology Transfer Activities

Strengthening technology is transferred to the city personnel in the PW department and county engineers.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Bridge rehabilitation, composites, strengthening