Research Activities: 2001

Sappington Bridge Demolition, Crawford County, Mo.




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Crawford County, MO., Sappington Bridge Demolition

Principal Investigator

Jason Baird
Senior Research Scientist
University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR)
114 RMERC Facility, 1870 Miner Circle
Rolla, MO 65409-0660
p(573) 341-6648
f(573) 341-4368

Student Involvement

One (1) graduate student to assist in planning, documentation (photographic and video), and explosives placement and hook-up.

Project Objective

To demolish the Sappington Bridge in Crawford County, MO, in order to obtain a bridge span for reinforcement testing by faculty and students of UMR Civil Engineering Department.

Project Abstract

After obtaining the requisite permits and permissions, demolish the longer of the two steel spans of the Sappington Bridge as a service to Crawford County through the use of explosive demolition by a unit of the U.S. Army or by a demolition contractor. Return the demolition site to its original state within the direction of permits and permissions. Transport the shorter of the two steel spans to the UMR campus for testing.

Anticipated Benefits

Crawford County gets rid of a condemned bridge that is to be replaced; UMR Civil Engineering gets an old steel span to reinforce and to test; UMR Explosives Research students gain experience in construction demolition techniques; US Army combat engineers learn and gain experience in the use of field-expedient (commercial) demolition methods and techniques.

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Project Start Date:02/22/02
Project End Date:04/02/02

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Reinforcement of bridge

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Explosive demolition