Research Activities: 2001

The Effects of a Curved Soffit on FRP-Strengthening of Concrete Bridges




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Fulbright Commission

Principal Investigator

Tim Ibell
Fulbright Visiting Scholar
University of Missouri-Rolla
223 Engineering Research Laboratory
Rolla, MO 65409-0710
p(573) 341 6663
f(573) 341 6215

Student Involvement

(One) 1 M.S. student to conduct laboratory testing and theoretical analysis

Project Objective

To establish limits on the curvature of bridge soffits, below which full strength of the CFRP-strengthened bridge may be assumed

Project Abstract

Through testing, coupled with theoretical analysis, a model will be developed which provides designers with a tool to determine the impact of concave curvature on the effectiveness of strengthening using CFRP laminates or sheets.

Anticipated Benefits

Improved design guidelines for FRP-strengthened bridges

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Project Start Date:06/01/2002
Project End Date:05/31/2003

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Part of the Fulbright Award research strategy

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Transportation Research Board Keywords

Bridges, FRP, strengthening