Research Activities: 2002

GPR Investigation of Sheppard of the Hills Trout Hatchery Study Site




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Matching Research Agency

University of Missouri-Rolla

Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson
University of Missouri-Rolla
Rolla, Missouri 65409

Student Involvement

Graduate and undergraduate students will acquire and process the GPR data.

Project Objective

The principle objective is to use GPR to locate and map any/all subsurface voids underlying paved/asphalted areas of the Sheppard of the Hills Trout Hatchery Study Site. The trout hatchery is operated by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Project Abstract

The UMR geophysics crew will acquire, process and interpret a grid of 1.5 GHz GPR (high-frequency ground penetrating radar) profiles across paved/asphated areas of the Sheppard of the Hills Trout Hatchery Study Site, Branson Missouri. The principle objective is to locate and map any/all subsurface voids (given vertical and horizontal resolution of the GPR antenna). This study was deemed necessary because the asphalted surface in the study area has failed recently at two sites, probably as a result of karstic processes.

Anticipated Benefits

The interpreted GPR data will provide important information about the integrity of the asphalt/pavement at the trout hatchery site. The Missouri Department of Conservation will have quantitative information about the location and size of any/all subsurface voids. This information will enable the Missouri Department of Conservation to mitigate and remediate as necessary - prior to failure.

Modal Orientation

Non-destructive/and non-invasive imaging


Project Start Date:as per GDF
Project End Date:as per GDF

Relationship to other Research/Projects

UMR faculty are engaged in a number of externally-funded projects that involve the non-destructive imaging of engineered structures and non-invasive site characterization.

Technology Transfer Activities

Interpretations will be published as peer-reviewed paper.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Non-destructive imaging, non-invasive imaging, technology transfer, education.