Research Activities: 2002

Soy-based Composite Sandwich Structures




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Matching Research Agency

Missouri Soybean Merchandising Council

Principal Investigator

K. Chandrashekhara
University of Missouri-Rolla
Mechanical and Aerospace Enginering and Engineering Mechanics
Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

One graduate student

Project Objective

To manufacture composites using soy-based resin system and soyhusk based foam.

Project Abstract

The cost of producing hollow or sandwich composite parts can be competitive with conventional materials. The soy-based resin system can be used as the matrix to bind the reinforcement package. The interaction between fibers and atrix is important in designing damage-tolerant structures. Composite panels with soy husk foam will be manufactured and characterized. The fiber/matrix/core interface will be studied to examine the level of bonding.

Anticipated Benefits

Use of sobean-derived materials offer low cost raw materials and environmentally sustainable benefits.

Modal Orientation

Construction materials


Project Start Date:03/01/2002
Project End Date:02/28/2003

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Technology Transfer Activities

Low-cost composites can be used in affordable composite housing.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Composite manufacturing, soy-based composites