Research Activities: 2002


Pre servation of Missouri Transportation Infrastructure -- Non-Destructive Testing of FRP Laminates



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Sequential Number


Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT)

Principal Investigator

Norbert H. Maerz
Assistant Professor
Missouri Unversity of Science & Technology
1006 Kingshighway
Rolla MO 65401


Greg Galecki
Research Associate Professors
Missouri University of Science & Technology
1006 Kingshighway
Rolla MO 65401


Student Involvement

Undergraduate students will perform the testing, a graduate student will help with development.


Project Objective

To develop protocols for non-destructive testing (NDT) of FRP laminates.


Project Abstract


We will develop and use the following NDT methodologies for assessing the performance of FRP laminates:

  1. Surface roughness of concrete substrate, before FRP laminate installation, using a laser profilometer.
  2. Fiber alignment of installed FRP sheets using video image processing.
  3. Delamination of FRP Sheets using impact echo testing.
  4. FRP bond strength using non-destructive pull-off tests.

Anticipated Benefits

Will advance the state of the art in NDT testing of FRP laminates.


Modal Orientation

Bridge Assessment


Project Start Date:06/01/2003
Project End Date:06/30/2008

Relationship to other Research/Projects

The research project will verify technologies developed in other projects.

Technology Transfer Activities

Papers and presentations are anticipated.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

FRP, delamination, NDT, surface roughness, fiber alignment, bond strength