Research Activities: 2003

Low Energy Alkali Resistant Iron Phosphate Glass Fibers



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Sequential Number


Matching Research Agency

Mo-Sci Corp.

Principal Investigator

Richard K. Brow
Materials Science & Engineering/UMR
222 McNutt Hall
Rolla, Missouri, 65409-0030

p(573) 341- 6812
f(573) 341- 6934

Student Involvement

0.25 FTE for three years (PhD candidate/MSE).

Project Objective

Develop corrosion resistant glass fibers compatible with use in reinforcing cements.

Project Abstract

Task 1. Develop new/improved alkali resistant glass compositions for better chemical resistance and better mechanical properties;
Task 2. Test the glasses in different environments; including solutions that model cement pH and ion activity;
Task 3. Characterize glass fibers, especially measure mechanical properties of fibers; behavior of pristine fibers (compared to E-glass or an AR fiber) and then after corrosion treatment;
Task 4. Prepare and characterize fiber-reinforced cement composites.


Anticipated Benefits

Improved, lower cost reinforcement fibers may find wide use in construction.


Modal Orientation

Construction materials


Project Start Date:January 1, 2004
Project End Date:

September 30, 2007


Relationship to other Research/Projects

Continuation from previous study.

Technology Transfer Activities


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Construction materials; reinforced cement.