Research Activities: 2004

Influence of Ore Physical Properties on the Transportable Moisture Limit for Barged Materials



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Doe Run Company

Principal Investigator

Richard W. Stephenson
University of Missouri-Rolla
119 Civil Engineering, 1870 Miner Circle
Rolla , Missouri, 65401

p(573) 341- 6549
f(573) 341- 4729

Student Involvement

One graduate assistant and one undergraduate student.


Project Objectives

Determine the influence of ore physical properties on the TML.


Project Abstract

This study will correlate the physical properties of processed iron ore prepared for barge transportation to its Transportable Moisture Limit (TML). The TML is a rudimentary test developed to identify moisture contents of processed ore at which they may liquefy during transportation. If liquefaction occurs during transportation serious safety issues develop. Currently Doe Run is having difficulties in determining the ore properties that control their measured TML values and consequently are unable to develop an ore processing plan that will allow the ore to be loaded and shipped. This research will attempt to correlate properties such as grain size distribution, relative density, particle size and shear strength with the TML. These properties are known to control liquefaction of sands under earthquake loading and consequently should be important in the TML test.


Anticipated Benefits

Provide information so that Doe Run can manage its ore transportation process.


Modal Orientation

Barge transportation



Project Start Date:
Project End Date:8/15/2005

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Technology Transfer Activities

Results presented in papers and in undergraduate research report.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Barge, liquefaction