Research Activities: 2004

Dependable wireless sensor networks for intelligent infrastructures



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Matching Research Agency

University of Missouri -- Rolla


Principal Investigator

Sahra Sedighsarvestani
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri-Rolla
135 Emerson Electric Co. Hall
Rolla , Missouri, 65401

p(573) 341- 7505
f(573) 341- 4532

Student Involvement

Four undergraduate students and two graduate students will be closely involved


Project Objectives

This objective of this project is the application of wireless sensor networks to intelligent transportation infrastructures, with the aim of increasing their dependability, and improving the efficacy of data collection and utilization.


Project Abstract

This project seeks to utilize wireless sensor networks to aid in improving the dependability of intelligent transportation infrastructures. The data collected by the network will aid in assessment, modeling, and prediction of system dependability and security. Examples include health monitoring of bridges, flood level detection, and other applications of real-time data collection and analysis.


Anticipated Benefits

Dependability and security are critical attributes for any intelligent infrastructure. This project will enable modeling, prediction, and improvement of trustworthiness for intelligent transportation infrastructures


Modal Orientation

Intelligent infrastructures



Project Start Date:
Project End Date:9/15/06

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Due to the wide applicability of wireless sensor networks, and the dependability models to be developed, there is great potential for collaboration with other UTC projects.


Technology Transfer Activities

Involvement of four undergraduate students, publication of journal and conference papers, seminars at UMR, collaboration with the National Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) program, which is aimed at integrating service learning with engineering curricula. The investigator currently teaches a course on embedded systems, and portions of the research will serve as case studies for this course. A course on embedded software development is also being proposed, and will be linked to this project.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

intelligent infrastructures, dependability, security, safety, modeling, prediction