Research Activities: 2004

Geotechnical Site Characterization of Transportation Construction Sites and Structures



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Missouri Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson
University of Missouri-Rolla
124 McNutt Hall
Rolla , Missouri, 65401

p(573) 341- 4852
f(573) 341- 6935

Student Involvement

Geophysical and geotechnical field data will be acquired and processed by a team of undergraduate and graduate students. The studies will represent substantive parts of M.S. and Ph.D. dissertations.


Project Objectives

The principal objectives are to image the subsurface at transportation construction sites structures in support of geotechnical site characterization investigations and to image transportation structures with a view to determining properties and condition.


Project Abstract

Subsurface imaging technologies (geophysical data) can greatly increase the reliability of geotechnical site characterizations and decrease costs. Similarly, non-invasive imaging technologies can be used to efficiently and effectively determine the nature (i.e. thickness, engineering properties, integrity etc.) of built structures. Our goal is to design optimum acquisition, processing and interpretations processes and demonstrate the utility of emerging and existing geophysical technologies.


Anticipated Benefits

This project will help establish UMR as a leader in the application of geophysical technologies to geotechnical problems.


Modal Orientation

Geotechnical site characterization



Project Start Date:
Project End Date:12/30/2006

Relationship to other Research/Projects

This project is consistent with our ongoing efforts to improve geotechnical and structural characterization methodologies.


Technology Transfer Activities

Results will be presented at a conference and incorporated into lectures.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Geophysics, geotechnical, non-invasive imaging, site characterization, engineering properties, structures