Research Activities: 2006

Best Practices for Implementing a Biodiesel Program



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Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Transportation


Principal Investigator

Scott E. Grasman
Assistant Professor
Engineering Management and Systems Engineering
219 EMSE
Rolla, MO 65409-0370

p(573) 341-7011
f(573) 341-6567

Student Involvement

1 graduate student


Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to establish best practices for implementation of biodiesel programs. Specifically, the project will address:
1. a review of best practices for pricing and availability,
2. recommendations for ensuring fuel quality and year-round operability, and 3. a review of literature regarding fuel efficiency and impact to equipment when using biodiesel, including documentation of reported vehicle problems due to biodiesel.


Project Abstract

Implementing the use of biodiesel has been a challenge to MoDOT. Issues related to pricing, availability, fuel quality, and winter operability have made it difficult to meet the state legislature's requirement that 75% of MoDOT diesel is B20. In addition, fuel efficiency and impact on equipment are additional areas that need to be addressed. In accordance with the scope of work, the work plan consists of the following:
1. A review of policies and procedures of other state governments, DOTs or agencies that influence the pricing and availability of biodiesel.
2. A review of literature and other state practices related to biodiesel quality and year-round operating capability.
3. A comparison of fuel efficiency of biodiesel vs. conventional diesel.


Anticipated Benefits

:The benefits of the proposed project include:

  • a better understanding of challenges and issues related to implementation of biodiesel,
  • best practices for implementation of alternative fuels programs,
  • specific recommendations to MoDOT related to meeting legislative requirements, and
  • a visual representation of potential biodiesel supply and demand nodes will be created to assist with basic implementation analysis.

Modal Orientation

Alternative Fuels



Project Start Date:

February 1, 2007

Project End Date:October 1, 2007

Relationship to other Research/Projects

Synergistic with "Show Me the Road to H2" lead by K. Krishnamurthy and alternative fuels research performed by K.B. Lee, as well as other pending projects.


Technology Transfer Activities

All deliverables will be disseminated through, and as approved by MoDOT.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Energy and Environment