Research Activities: 2006


Structural Assessment of Highway “N” Power Substation under Earthquake Loads



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Principal Investigator

Genda Chen, Professor of Civil Engineering and Interim Director of CIES
224 Engineering Research Laboratory
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

One graduate student

Project Objective

To evaluate the seismic vulnerability of highway “N” power substation under earthquake loads.


Project Abstract

A research plan is developed for Ameren to consider over the next two years. It includes two major tasks: seismic analysis and evaluation of substation performance, and shake table tests of critical non-structural components such as rigid bus connectors. Each major task can be completed in approximately one year.

This project is aimed at evaluating the seismic vulnerabilities of the highway “N” power substation. The proposed study involves both numerical analysis and experiment. The findings from this study will be summarized in a final report that will be submitted to sponsors.


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Anticipated Benefits

To ensure that power is available for transportation systems in the case of earthquakes and wind storms.

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Project Start Date:10/05/07
Project End Date:



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Technology Transfer Activities

The results from this study will be disseminated through conferences, technical journals, and possibly implementation in design guidelines for non-structural components.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Highway, structures, assessment