Research Activities: 2006


Quick Test for Percent of Deleterious Material



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MoDOT/ Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering department


Principal Investigator

David Richardson, Associate Professor
126 Butler Carlton Hall
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

Graduate student to perform tests and analysis.

Project Objective

It is proposed that a relationship be established between MoDOT’s Deleterious Materials Test (TM 71) and various quickly-determined objective tests which would cover the various controlling behavior factors that the deleterious materials method represents.


Project Abstract

MoDOT has expressed interest in replacing its deleterious materials test method (TM 071) with something more objective. In response to an RFP issued by MoDOT, it is proposed to develop a system of standard tests which would replace the deleterious test. The system would be comprised of one or more aggregate tests, depending on the outcome of the testing.


Task Description



Anticipated Benefits

The value of such a system of tests would be to progress toward a more objective method. Additionally, the certification of out-of-state personnel would become easier if MoDOT was using standard AASHTO tests rather than its own test method. Additionally, the work will help attain the following MoDOT tangible results: 1) Smooth and Unrestricted Roads & Bridges and 2) Best Value for Every Dollar Spent. Also, the results will provide MST with a knowledge base of aggregate durability data and testing skills.

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Project Start Date:12/01/07
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Technology Transfer Activities

At end of project, PI will conduct lecture for MoDOT personnel on use of the prediction equation.


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Paving materials