Research Activities: 2007


Investigation of subsidence along segment of MO Rte 65, Springfield, Missouri



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SCI Engineering

Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson, Professor Geology & Geophysics
127 McNutt Hall
Missouri University of Science & Technology

Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

Graduate students will participate in the acquisition, processing and interpretation of the geophysical data.

Project Objective

The principal objective is to use geophysical technologies to image the limestone roof rock above the underground mine with a view to determining the orientation, density and nature of pre-existing joints, if present.

Project Abstract

Geophysical data (electrical resistivity and ground-penetrating radar) will be acquired on the mine ceiling and on the ground surface in an effort to determine the orientation, density and nature of pre-existing joints, if present. It is anticipated that the ground-penetrating radar (GPR) data will provide images of the roof rock to distances on the order of fifteen feet. The GPR tool should be capable of imaging fractures or clay-filled seams/fractures (if present) in close proximity to the mine ceiling. The electrical resistivity data will provide for significantly greater depths of investigation. Clay-filled seams/fractures (if present and sufficiently large) should be imaged on these data.

Task Description


Anticipated Benefits

We will gain valuable experience with respect to the acquisition of electrical resistivity data on the ceiling of an underground mine. We will also gain valuable experience with respect to the processing and interpretation of these same data.  Lastly, we will have a better understanding of karstic processes and related problems.

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Project Start Date:01/31/2008
Project End Date:01/31/2010

Relationship to other Research/Projects

We acquire significant volumes of non-invasive subsurface imaging data in an effort to define and resolve karst-related structural integrity issues. We currently have a fairly large-dollar research contract with Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott and May(subcontract to Kentucky DOT) that will involve the acquisition of electrical resistivity data in a pilot tunnel being constructed in Louisville for the Kentucky Department of Transportation.

Technology Transfer Activities

A report will be submitted to SCI Engineering and MoDOT, and a presentation will be delivered at a national conference. It is anticipated that a referred publication will be forthcoming.

Transportation Research Board Keywords

Resistivity, karst, limestone, mine, subsidence