Research Activities: 2007


Adding Faculty in Transportation Areas: Year 2 & 3


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Sequential Number

Identification Number 00022874

Matching Research Agency

Missouri University of Science & Technology


Principal Investigator

Harvest Collier, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies
Missouri University of Science & Technology
209 Norwood Hall
Rolla MO 65409

p (573) 341- 4390
f (573) 341- 6215

Student Involvement



Project Objectives

To increase the number of faculty performing research and teaching in the broad areas of transportation.


Project Abstract

The NUTC provides funds to help departments build up their faculty in the transportation field over the next five years. Broad areas will be considered as listed in the UTC mission or other areas that relate to State Departments of Transportation and MoDOT in particular as stated in their goals, interests, and objectives.


Anticipated Benefits

Highly qualified faculty in transportation fields will enhance research performance, education, and service in the transportation area. This will result in increased student interest and provide the work force and research results for enhanced transportation performance in the state and nation.


Modal Orientation

All modes



Project Start Date:
Project End Date: 06/30/2012

Relationship to other Research/Projects

These faculty will be working on many of the research projects.


Technology Transfer Activities

Each new faculty member will be asked to participate in technology transfer activities which best match their successes and capabilities.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Transportation faculty, Workforce development