Research Activities: 2007


A Laboratory Investigation on Three-Sided Structures



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Egyptian Concrete Co.


Principal Investigator

Dr. Abdeldjelil "DJ" Belarbi, Curator's Professor
323 Butler-Carlton Hall
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Rolla, MO 65409

Student Involvement

One (1) post-doctorate fellow and two undergraduate students will help with the testing of the structure

Project Objective

To assess the new design of three-sided bridge structure, such as a culvert, through laboratory and analytical investigation.


Project Abstract

Egyptian Concrete Co. has recently developed the three-side precast concrete box culverts which adopted the advantages of flat-top and arch-top box culverts: (1) easy and low cost of manufacturing of flat-top culverts and (2) capability of relatively long span of arch-top culvert.  The walls and slab of the three-sided culverts have been designed to resist the bending moment and shear force developed by the following loads: (1) dead load of soil top cover, (2) self-weight, (3) lateral earth pressure and (4) live load from traffic.  However, the structural performance and efficiency, as compared to other types of have not yet been evaluated.  Therefore, the structural performance of the three-sided box culverts developed by Egyptian Concrete Co. will be evaluated in this research project through experimental and analytical investigations.


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Anticipated Benefits

If the tested structure resulted in acceptable performance, the new culvert structure as designed by Egyptian concrete co, will result in cost-effective design and installation of new culvert bridge.  The research will also help local industries in new engineering design of bridge structure.

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Project Start Date:05/15/2008
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Technology Transfer Activities

The findings of the research project will be published in local and national bridge conference as well as  a journal paper. At least one article will be provided for the NUTC newsletter.

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Bridge, culvert, waterway, three-side structure