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Project 1a: Structural Steel Coating for Corrosion Mitigation - UMC



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Identification Number


Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and University of Missouri - Columbia (UMC)


Principal Investigator

Glenn Washer, Ast. Professor
Lafferre Hall Room 2502
University of Missouri - Columbia
Columbia MO 65203

Student Involvement

A graduate research assistant will be supported 1/2 time for conducting research on the subject project.

Project Objective

To determine the most cost-effective coating system for structural steel bridges in Missouri by evaluating the past performance of coatings, and testing the performance of new coatings.  


Project Abstract

Task 1:  Evaluation of Coating System Performance in Missouri

Task 1 of the proposed research consists of a field evaluation of the existing coating systems in Missouri to determine the past and current performance of coating systems utilized in the State.  The steel coating systems and procedures being utilized by other State DOTs will be evaluated with respect to current practices to identify areas to be examined for enhancing current practices and potential cost impacts.  A consistent and quantitative method for characterizing the condition and performance of a coating in place would be defined based on experience in other States, standards and needs such that a systematic study of coating performance in Missouri can be conducted.  The field performance survey will document and correlate factors such as environment, location and extent of coating failure/corrosion, surface preparation procedures, etc.


Task Description



Anticipated Benefits

The anticipated benefit of this project is improved methods and  materials for coating steel bridges


Project Start Date:09/01/2008
Project End Date:



Relationship to other Research/Projects

The project extends ongoing work in the area of condition assessment and nondestructive evaluation.

Technology Transfer Activities

The scope of the project includes close interaction with State transportation officials on evaluating existing coatings and developing improved coatings.  Technology transfer will occur through reports submitted to MODOT.  Additional technology transfer will occur through presentations and technical papers at regional and national conferences.


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Structural members, painting, inspection