Research Activities: 2011

Evaluation of Long Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete to Mitigate Earthquake Damage of Infrastructure Components

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Sequential Number R288
Identification Number 00037250
Matching Research Agency Missouri University of Science & Technology, Civil Engineering
Principal Investigator Jeffery S. Volz
Assistant Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
331 Butler-Carlton Hall
Rolla, MO 65401
(573) 341-6280
Student Involvement One graduate student

Project Objective

The objective of the proposed research is to develop, test, and evaluate long carbon fiber reinforced concrete as a means of mitigating earthquake damage to bridges and other infrastructure components.


Project Abstract

The proposed study involves investigating long carbon fiber reinforced concrete as a method of mitigating earthquake damage to bridges and other infrastructure components. Long carbon fiber reinforced concrete has demonstrated significant resistance to impact and blast loading. The carbon fibers will potentially reduce spalling and the degree of cracking during an earthquake event as well as increase the overall structural capacity. The scope of the research project includes testing of carbon fibers, development of a fiber-concrete composite material, and dynamic testing to evaluate the response of the material.


Anticipated Benefits

Increased safety of bridges and other infrastructure components exposed to potential earthquake damage.



Project Start Date: 01/01/2012
Project End Date:



Relationship to other Research/Projects

This is a standalone project under the advanced materials theme of the Center for Transportation Infrastructure and Safety (CTIS) National University Transportation Center (NUTC) at Missouri S&T.


Technology Transfer Activities

The technology transfer activities will include a final research report and dissemination of the findings through a national conference via technical presentation(s) and publication(s).


Transportation Research Board Keywords

Advanced Materials, Bridges, Composite Materials, Earthquake Mitigation.