Research Activities: 2011

Field Evaluation of Thermographic Bridge Concrete Inspection Techniques
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Sequential Number R293
Identification Number 00037366
Matching Research Agency MoDOT
Principal Investigator

Glenn Washer  
Assistant Professor
University of Missouri Columbia
E2509 Lafferre Hall
Columbia, MO

Student Involvement This project will support a M.S./Ph.D. student (1/2 time) for 3 years  to conduct the research and testing.
Project Objective To train state transportation agency staff in thermographic non-destructive inspection and evaluation techniques and to draft a model practice so that these techniques can be used to  improve concrete highway bridge inspection efficiency which will result in better infrastructure and improved public safety.
Project Abstract Field testing and evaluation of thermal imaging to evaluate the reliability of the technology, validate previously developed guidelines for field use, and evaluate implementation barriers.  Participating states will be provided training and hardware for testing within their existing bridge evaluation programs, to identify implementation challenges, evaluate the effectiveness of guidelines, and assess the utility of the technology for bridge condition assessment.  The research team, in cooperation with the states, will conduct a series of focused field tests that include field verification of results.  These field tests will seek to quantitatively evaluate the capabilities and reliability of the technology under field conditions to validate and improve the guidelines, and support practical implementations of the technology.  The outcome of the research will be a new inspection technique for improving bridge safety and identifying repair and maintenance needs.
Anticipated Benefits Implementation of  this innovative new technology will improve state transportation staff efficiency and technical competence in conducting bridge inspections, which will result in safer bridges.

Start Date: November 10, 2011

End Date: June 30, 2013

Relationship to other Research/Projects This project is the continuation of exploratory research funded by the Missouri Transportation Institute on the development of NDE technologies for infrastructure.
Technology Transfer Activities The results of the research will be training modules for implementation by state transportation staff and guidelines for their use, technical papers in archival journals, participation in regional and national conferences, and a published final report
Transportation Research Board Keywords NDE, bridges, concrete, thermographic imaging, IR, non-destructive, thermal