Research Activities: 2011

Testing and Assessment of Portable Seismic Property Analyzer
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Sequential Number R297
Identification Number 00038172
Matching Research Agency Department of Geological sciences and Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Principal Investigator

Neil Anderson
Missouri University of Science & Technology
124 McNutt Hall
Roll, MO, 65409
573 341 4852
573 341 6935 (fax)

Student Involvement One Student
Project Objective Graduate student will thoroughly test and assess the Portable Seismic Property Analyzer (PSPA). 
Project Abstract Investigator will thoroughly test and assess the Portable Seismic Property Analyzer (PSPA), a hand-held device that focuses on pavement layer properties. The device can be utilized on both rigid and flexible pavements. When used on rigid pavements, the PSPA can provide information with respect to the quality and thickness of concrete, the existence and/or the location of voids or delamination within concrete, and the existence of voids or the loss of support underneath the slab. For flexible pavements, the PSPA provides information about the quality of the asphaltic-concrete layer.
Anticipated Benefits If the tool performs as well as anticipated, it will be used to investigate pavements and bridge decks, with the objective of determining thicknesses, locating defects and assessing quality.

Start Date: June 30th, 2012

End Date: June 29th, 2013

Relationship to other Research/Projects Investigator routinely uses NDE tools to assess pavements.
Technology Transfer Activities The results of this investigation will be presented at a conference and published in its proceedings
Transportation Research Board Keywords Seismic, pavements, concrete, asphalt, defects