Research Activities: 2012

Recycled Concrete Aggregate Field Implementation – MRB Project

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Sequential Number R332
Identification Number 00042239
Matching Research Agency

Missouri Department of Revenue

Principal Investigator

Dr. Kamal H. Khayat
Vernon and Maralee Jones Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
224 Engineering Research Lab
Rolla, MO 65409-0710
(573) 341-6223

Student Involvement

1 post-doc + 1 PhD student

Project Objective The proposed project involves the field evaluation of special concrete
made using RCA in pavement construction that will be part of the Missouri River Bridge (MRB) construction project and will involve the construction of a ramp approach from the Cass Ave.
stub out to the EB Parkway Bridge over I-70. A pavement section measuring 16’ in width (inside lane and shoulder) from the Cass Ave. stub out to the EB Parkway Bridge over I-70 will be used as the control pavement. The attached 22.5’ wide outside lane of the same section would be used as the section for the experimental concrete made with RCA. It is estimated that 425 and 600 cubic yards will be used for the reference and experiment concrete mixtures, respectively. It may be advantageous to consider a second experimental section for the placement of another
mixture made with RCA.
Project Abstract The study will evaluate the fresh and hardened properties, durability, and
in-situ performance of concrete containing recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) that will be used in experimental pavement construction carried out in 2013 by MoDOT. The result from this study will be provide feedback to refine the research program underway at Missouri S&T with MoDOT and future field implementation of this technology in transportation-related

Relationship to other Research/Projects

It extends significantly the scope of the lab work enabling the development and evaluation of field project on current NUTC project Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) for Infrastructure Elements


Transportation-Related Keywords

Recycled concrete aggregate, field performance, durability, sustainability, pavement construction

Technology Transfer Activities

The technology transfer activities will include a final research report and dissemination of the findings through a national conference via technical
presentation(s) and publication(s).


Project Deliverables

Monthly updates will be provided to the MoDOT primary contact assigned to this research project. Quarterly reports will be submitted on or before the last working day in March, June, September, and December during the course of the project.

An interim presentation will be scheduled with MoDOT and at the DOT’s approval an associated MoDOT Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The research team will also be available to provide quarterly presentations that coincide with the quarterly reports at the discretion of MoDOT. The
final presentation will be scheduled with MoDOT to coincide with submittal of the draft report and draft specifications.

Final Report and Final Specifications
The final report and final specifications will be submitted 12 months after the start of the project. The final versions will address all of MoDOT’s review comments from the draft submittals.


Anticipated Benefits

The expected result from this study will be guidelines for evaluating,
selecting, and specifying RCA concrete. These guidelines will provide both MoDOT and design engineers with a resource to design, test, and implement RCA in transportation-related infrastructure.


Project Start Date: 01/01/2013
Project End Date: