Research Activities: 2012

Implementation of RFID Sensors for Monitoring of Bridge Deck Corrosion in

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Sequential Number R351
Identification Number 00042702
Matching Research Agency

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Principal Investigator

John J. Myers
Associate Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
325 Butler Carlton Hall
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-6618

Student Involvement

One graduate student


Project Objective
To implement an innovative RFID Sensor into new bridge deck construction to collect data during monitoring to study both the reliability and field performance of the sensors in-situ and under laboratory conditions.

Project Abstract
This work involves the implementation of a new RFID sensor that researchers developed at Oklahoma State University. The sensor uses an Atmel low-frequency RFID transponder. Initial versions used the metal on which corrosion was to be detected to connect the RFID chip to the
antenna. If the connection eroded, the RFID transponder would stop working, indicating a potential problem. The second generation of the sensor implements the technology where corrosion is determined by the loss of section on the sensor circuit. When the circuit is broken,
that information is transferred to the RFID chip and the information is communicated to the reader the next time the tag is read. Laboratory efforts still need to correlate the sensor's sensitivity to the level of corrosion in the structure.

Relationship to other Research/Projects

This is a new research project by the PI and involves new collaboration between Missouri S&T and Faculty at Oklahoma State University.


Transportation-Related Keywords

Non Destructive Evaluation, RFID Sensors, Corrosion Detection, Bridge Implementation

Technology Transfer Activities

Results of the proposed work will be available for use in the NUTC technology transfer activities (i.e. Newsletters, Annual Conference) as well as publication in conference and/or journal publications.


Project Deliverables

The project deliverables will include a summary report of the in-situ application and technology transfer activities.

Anticipated Benefits

This work will provide the first in-situ based data collection on the new RFID sensor and will also further assist in the correlation of laboratory and field based correlation of corrosion data collected from the RFID reader.


Project Start Date: 05/15/2013
Project End Date: