Research Activities: 2012

Behavior of Double-Skin Bridge Columns

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Sequential Number R357
Identification Number 00043006
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Principal Investigator

Mohamed ElGawady
Associate Professor
Missouri University of Science and Technology
1401 N. Pine Street
Rolla, MO 65409
(573) 341-4461

Student Involvement

Two graduate students

Project Objective The study objectives are:
• Determine the effects of effects of different FRP structures on the axial performance of thin-walled columns
• Determine the effects of different void ratio on the strength, deformability, and ductility of thin-walled cylinders
Project Abstract This research program aims to investigate the behavior of thin-wall circular hollow columns. Hollow core columns have lighter weight compared to columns having solid cross sections which recue the seismic demand on the column and make it ideal candidate for accelerating bridge construction. In the past few years, several researchers explored the constructability of hollow core circular columns; however, confining the internal layer of flexural steel is challenging issue. This project will investigate the behavior of thin-wall concrete cylinders having an outer fiber reinforced polymer tube and internally have a steel tube. Concrete cylinders having different void ratios and different types of FRP will be subjected to axial cyclic loads.

Relationship to other Research/Projects

The PI is working in different projects related to the current proposal. This includes behavior of self-consolidated concrete under cyclic loading.


Transportation-Related Keywords

Columns, thin-walled, FRP, expansive cement

Technology Transfer Activities

Peer-reviewed journal and conference papers will be published.


Project Deliverables

A report and presentation at the NUTC annual meeting.

Anticipated Benefits

Developing thin-walled columns will have significant benefits to DOTs. Thinwalled columns have less-weight compared to columns having solid cross sections. In addition, it is anticipated that the developed columns will have better seismic performance than conventions columns.
Finally, hollow columns are an ideal candidate for accelerated bridge construction.


Project Start Date: 01/05/2013
Project End Date: